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Conference presentations

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Presentations from the CUPP international conference at the ITU in Copenhagen, January 29-30, 2024.

Presentation title: Charting the Knowledge Networks of Policing in Norway
Author: Camilla Løvschall Langeland (University of Oslo)

Presentation title: Saving Face? Recent Developments in Public Surveillance in the UK
Authors: Dr. Evie Papada (University of Gothenburg) & Dr. Antonis Vradis (Department of Geography & Sustainable Development)

Presentation title: Anticipating crime: dataification, standardization and visibility
Authors: Helene I. O. Gundhus (University of Oslo), Pernille Erichsen Skjevrak & Christin Thea Wathne (OsloMet)

Presentation title: Predictive policing in EU law enforcement policies
Author: Jesper Lund (IT-Pol Denmark)

Presentation title: Participatory victimization? Tensions in security technologies directed to citizens
Authors: Katarina Winter (Department of Criminology, Stockholm University)

Presentation title: Engaging Civil Society: Our approach in the CUPP project
Author: Bjarke Friborg (PROSA - Danish Association of IT Professionals)

Presentation title: TECHNOPOLICE.FR: A research-action initiative to counter new technologies of police surveillance
Author: Félix Tréguer (Associate researcher at CNRS Center for Internet & Society. Founding member and researcher at La Quadrature du Net, France)

Presentation title: Building Blocks of a Digital Caste Panopticon: Everyday Brahminical Policing in India
Author: Nikita Sonavone (legal researcher and co-founder of the Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project / CPA Project)

Presentation title: Welfare administration as police? Digitalization and control of citizens
Author: Christoffer C. Eriksen & Ingunn Ikdahl (Faculty of law, Department of Public and International Law, University of Oslo)