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4S Annual Meeting, Toronto


Presentation at the 4S Annual Meeting, Toronto, October 6-9 2021 (online).

The CUPP project participated in the Annual Meeting of The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) that was held online (6-9 October, Toronto and worldwide).

Vasilis Galis presented the paper: "Datafication of police work: unboxing the contested social practice of public surveillance" by Vasilis Galis (IT University of Copenhagen, DENMARK) Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica (Baltic Studies Centre, LATVIA), Anu Masso (Tallinn University of Technology, ESTONIA), Irena Nesterova (University of Latvia, LATVIA), Helene Oppen Ingebrigtsen Gundhus (University of Oslo, NORWAY), Evie Papada, (University of St Andrews, UK)

The paper was presented to the panel "Technologies of Policing; Policing as Technology ":

Conference website: