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CUPP Conceptual Seminar No 1: A Shared Framework


On April 16, 2021, the CUPP partners will outline a common conceptual and methodological framework for the upcoming fieldwork.

One of the first joint tasks of the CUPP project is to develop a common conceptual and methodological framework that will inform the comparative analysis based on fieldwork in six countries. To this end, the aims of the conceptual seminar are to (i) present and discuss the conceptual repertoire to be deployed in the national case studies and (ii) commence work on a joint conceptual framework based on the cross-cutting issues and conceptual convergences identified.



Presentations of each country’s team conceptual framework:

  • Overview of concepts and issues that the case study will address.
  • Concepts and theoretical traditions that researchers bring in the CUPP.
  • Links with concepts and issues raised in the project proposal.
  • 10 minutes per country.


Discussion on points of conceptual convergence and interdisciplinarity




Discussion of article (attached). Read the article before the seminar. Prepare a short reflection by addressing questions such as:

  1. What constitutes prediction in the framework of the CUPP? What is the difference between predictive, intelligence led, big data, and digital policing? What kind of theoretical, political, and epistemological affordances each concept affords?
  2. What kind of bias, values are inscribed in digital policing technologies?
  3. What kind of ideologies and visions are included in the digitalization of law enforcement (e.g. efficiency, automatization) and how can they be linked to wider social, organizational, and public sector transformations?


Wrap-up session